KCBW Day 4: Color Review

Today's topic for Knit and Crochet Blog Week asked us to think about our favorite colors for crafting and what colors we tend to shop for when buying yarn.  As anyone who has taken a browse through my Ravelry projects will see, my favorite color to craft with is pretty much "the rainbow."  I do a lot of multi-colored projects, generally the brighter the color the better.  I don't tend to shop much for neutrals, especially for projects for myself.  Because I did a lot of knitting and crochet for my wedding and pink was our color for the cherry blossom theme, there is a ton of pink in my projects, but it isn't actually my favorite color to work with.  My favorite color, which I've barely worked with at all (comparatively), is yellow.  I have some gorgeous Malabrigo worsted from my sister in my favorite shade (Cadmium) that I need to turn into something awesome.

The next phase of the KCBW task is a bit interesting.  First, we're supposed to see what colors we've actually been using in the last year.  In 2013, I've completed 4 projects -- all involving blue, all but one blue plus another color.  I'm working on a rainbow project right now (11 colors).  From April 2012, I completed 9 projects.  One was plain black, one plain yellow, the others were all multicolored.  Aside from the black project, it was 9 months of stashbusting for me, so the multicolored projects make sense.  Lots of pink, white, and random other stuff.

We're supposed to compare what we've been using to what we've been stashing.  Since those were a lot of stashbusting projects, they are pretty representative of my stash.  Sorted by color, I have a lot of everything.  More purple than I would have guessed.  More neutrals, too, but it's definitely a pretty diverse, bright stash.

This probably makes sense with me crafting from the monkey house.  I want to try all the colors and see how the play together.


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