to keep a killer in prsison

I know my part in writing this letter is to explain the hardship and cost of losing my father has brought into my life. First I would like any person that reads this to take themselves backto a toddlers age and have their father disappear, not because he ran away from his respnsiblilitirs or because he was a careless parent, but because he was a murder victim in a random act of violence. When I think of my father, I don't have memories that a father brings to his daughters heart. I do imagine in what ways my life could have been different. My mother was young and stuggles to raise me, We rarely had any kind of support, if my father had been there, I would have had all the things I needed. I was raped at the young age of thirteen, if my father had been there I would have had the protection that I needed from harm or situations like that. I was married at sixteen to a man that abused me, again had my father been there I would have never been given the chance to make that mistake. When I found someone who loves me and wanted to spend my life with this person my father was not there to give me away to that special man in my life. Not only is it that a father could have helped when there was protection from harm when it was there, a father brings love into his childrens life, an unconditionallove, a nurturing love that only a father can give. I missed out on that time, that special quality of life, moments shared, stories told, knowledge, happiness care and devotion. All that was taken from from both of us. There is a lot of violence in the world, a lot of disaster and when we see it or hear about it wemurn for them and their loss. There's an emptiness inside of for thoe who have suffered a loss, a loss of a home, or disaster to their home or city or a loss of a loved one. To me, my fathers death was more than a loss  or a disaster. My whole life and the way  I think was changed, I didn't lose my father he was taken from me.  My father taken and my destiney changed. taken from me by a man that did not know my father, had no motive, no reason, no thought , it took not one thought for this man to take a life of another. When I heard of the order in wich my father was killed zi was sickend, my father broke no law, he was no threat, he was trying to help smeone and it ended with my father running for his life. My father was a brother, a son, a friend he was a policeman in his community, he also served the land we live all that was taken from everyone that knew and loved him. each holiday or birthday he is gone, gone because someone made that unfair choice for him, so yesterdy, today, this week, this month, this year and every yer to come I will think of my father and hope that he knows that I amtrying to defend him because he could not defend himslef.

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