Keep Three Fires Burning

I recently heard @markhlevin speak about keeping the fires burning - from Leviticus 6:6: a perpetual fire shall be kept burning on the altar, not to go out. Rabbi Levin spoke about it symbolically regarding the “fire” in a marriage. The fire must always be kept burning and the other two are the “just in case” fires. 

The idea of “three fires” has been in my mind ever since. I think about three fires pertaining to anything that requires commitment and effort. Sometimes the effort seems easy, all three fires are strong – the other two appear almost unnecessary and could be taken for granted. Other times, it is with absolute gratitude to realize that there is still some flickering in that third fire. 

Whether it is commitment to a relationship, a healthier lifestyle or something else that holds deep meaning - keep feeding all three fires… even if they’re all burning brightly. The practice of feeding those fires always benefits and will be a shelter during those times when the winds are strong and the rains are pouring down. 


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