Keeping the Dogs Cool


Keeping the Dogs Cool

This summer in the Carolina’s has been hot/muggy or rainy/ humid.  Either way it has definitely not been fun for the four legged kids and me! I don’t do well with heat and the babies really don’t as well. Best way of keeping us cool is to keep the AC on.  However, dogs’ body temperature is a whole lot warmer than us humans. I have found new ways to keep them cool and still use a few of my own tricks.  I have done a research on several products to help keep our love ones cool.

  1. Keep Clean Cool Water Available.  This is important to make sure your dogs have clean water all because it helps avoid other problems down the road. 
  2. Ice. Ice. Ice.  Ice cube or ice chips are great for a treat for dogs.  Get a hand full and see how fast the ice disappears.  For the big dogs the cubes are perfect for them and for the little dogs you would want to crush the ice (for their mouth is smaller).  You can also put ice in their water bowls, which is always refreshing!
  3. Grooming. For thick and long haired dogs this is a must. I know you probably want to keep their hair on their coat untouched.  However, keeping their hair cut short is another way of keeping them cool. 
  4. Pool. If you have the yard and space to do so, put those dogs in the pool. The best pool is a kid’s plastic pool.  The water is low and they can get in and out easily.
  5. Cooling Mats and Collars.  Now, I told you I would sure some new tricks and here they are.  Cooling mats are blessing because they can be used in and outdoors. The best ones are the ones you can add in your pet’s bed.  The collars reviews say they are great.  I would get the one with removable ice pack for long walks or for in the dog parks. 
    1. A.   Amazon: Cooling Pads

  1. B.   Amazon: Collars

  1. 6.     Crate Fans.  Now this is a one new for me; there is so much to learn about our furry babies.  Fans for the crates is a great little gadget that would be good for travelling, naps, during crate training, etc.  The Pro Select Brand seems to have it covered.  You can compare what is best for you by using Google shopping guide. Under the shopping search type in : pro select dog fan


Now there you have it; let’s get those dogs cool.  Always remember to monitor your dog intake of food or any treat and while they are having fun playing.

Happy Trails,

From: The Nerdy Doggy of Dog Gon’ Good.


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