Keeping Easy Food in the House for Your Teenagers

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[Editor's Note: Feeding teenagers is a daunting enough task. Sometimes they can seem like bottomless pits. For Katy at The Non-Consumer Advocate, the task becomes a bit more involved as she doesn't buy the pre-packaged junk that so many teens snack on. In this post, she asks questions about feeding teens and shares a great idea for some pre-made burritos. -Jenna]

Feeding Teenagers the Non-Consumer Advocate Way:

Freezer BurritosIf asked, my fifteen-year-old son would swear that I am starving him. That he is “always hungry,” and there is nothing to eat in the house except for “canned tomatoes.” Of course, this is not the case, but he has a tendency to wait to eat until he is starving, at which point even the 60 seconds it takes to reheat leftovers is an abomination. I decided last night to prepare some store-bought style food that he could just grab and go from the freezer. As in, without any adult help. (I know he should be able to assemble meals on his own, but that is simply not the case.)

Read on for details about her great burritos.

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