Keeping It Real

It's just one of those days, that a girl goes through. Ha! This song is now playing on repeat in my head.

I'm going to lay it out straight.

It's that time of the month, I have a huge zit on my chin, it's cold, it's rainy & there's no booze, cheese or candy in sight.

Every now and then I get into funks (mainly when it's AF time!), please tell me you do too!? Thinking of all the little things that make me happy, instantly turn my mood around.

Like looking at Sofia's sweet smile.

Or I pull up a picture of the pristine Caribbean and envision myself lounging, Corona in hand, looking smokin' hot like Jennifer Aniston, which to be fair, she has yet to have kids so that could be her bikini body secret! ;)


Occasionally, being a full-time working Mama is rough stuff. Most days go smoothly but some days I really start to miss Sofia. Don't get me wrong, I love to work, it keeps us on a daily routine that would otherwise go to the shitter. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment. But there are moments when I wish I was at home putting Sofia's bee's "beaded necklaces" on her and tucking her in for a nap.

Cheers to Tuesday!!! 

I'll be baking a big batch of cookies tonight (beer in hand!) ;)


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