Keeping my focus on my Intentions so I don't lose sight this year!

We all start off the New Year raring and ready to embrace change and set all those wonderful  resolutions.  So much promise to look forward to with a new year.  I don't know why but the start of the new year, a new beginning always reminds me of new snow, so beautifully untouched just waiting for your foot prints. I call my resolutions intentions which sounds stronger more positive to me.  Intentions for me are more powerful than resolutions since intentions are active not passive like resolutions.  But whatever you call your goals for the New Year most times we set the same ones over and over each year, failing to achieve what was so important to us January, 1.  This year one of my intentions is to do things differently if I want to see a different result from past years. 


I'm starting with how I am setting my intentions and following through.  I mean really how many times have I set the same goal at the beginning of each year and just set it again the following year without thinking how insane that seems.  So this year not only am I setting my intentions but following up on my progress, realizing that I have to be active not passive too.  Intentions are fluid, something living like you,  your intentions should have the energy to grow and change with you.  I think this is what is exciting this year that I feel my goals are more aligned with who I am and what I want to achieve.  


And I've realized that I tend to set my set up for failure just letting my intentions be there, not taking my intentions into my being.  You must feel, live and be your intention that's what I mean about focusing on intentions.  Your intentions don't live outside you they live within you.  Being your intentions is the key to achieving all that you want.  This year when I look back I know that I did my best to be my intentions every day!  And when I sent my intentions for 2015 they won't be the same ones that I set every year.  This year 2014 I set my intentions free to the universe!


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