Keeping Up With My Soaps

Keeping Up With My Soaps


We had a series in church called Man Enough in March of 2009.
That was my first month at Church and hence my first sermon series and hence the reason I knew I'd finally found my home at this particular church :-)

The reason I mention the sermon, Tender Warrior is because I've just come from watching Cuidado con el Angel on t.v and Juan Miguel was crying (and yes, he was still very very hot with his red puffy eyes), anyway, Juan Miguel was crying and begging Marichuy to forgive him and to talk to him and take him back. You see, Juan Miguel married Marichuy without telling her a very important detail concerning their past which if Marichuy had known she'd have never have married him. But, you see, Juan Miguel just wanted a chance to show Marichuy true love, to treat her like no man had ever treated her, to allow her to open her heart and experience love for the first time. And he said all these sweet, sweet word with tears in his eyes and running down his cheeks.....yup, you guessed it, there were tears in my eyes too! I can't help it, I'm a pink girl with emotions just below the surface!!!

Anyway, as you read in my morning post, I also read how Tina Su's husband said something so sweet to her and that got me as well!

So, in this sermon, Tender Warrior, Pastor S talks about these four faces of a man, which when in balance come together to create a real man. I loved this sermon because, it's almost like I have the Biblical authority to pray for this "dream guy" ha ha ha.

So, does Juan Miguel measure up to the standards of a real man? Has Marichuy found her Tender Warrior?

Find out this week right here on 20th Paradigm as I share what I learnt two years ago in the sermon series "Man Enough

See You Soon!

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