Keeping a Promise, While Listening to Great Music!

This year, I have started much earlier to get into the holiday spirit. Most part that is the result of a new release of a CD, that has taken my breath away.

The CD I am talking about is "Noel" from Josh Groban, a mix of traditional Christmas Music, with a few contemporary songs in between.

If you are like many in mainstream America, you probably have not heard of Josh Groban. His classical, not really able to pin down in one category style, with a voice that can hold its own with Andrea Bocelli, is hard to put in a genre, but he, and his fans (I am one of them), like it that way.

At 26, he has been quietly achieving sold out world tours, preformed with many Stars like Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Faith Hill, and Brian McKnight, had three major records - now a fourth one, that has prompted me to write this music.

But most importantly, he has done so, at his age without being pulled through the mainstream media, without getting into drugs or alcohol, without sending questionable messages to our youth.

Instead, he has inspired a fan-based Charity the "Grobanites For Charities", which is entirely run by his fans, who have been inspired to reach out toward others through the venue of his music.

Being able to be a part of this charity (we are assisting the Marine Toys for Tots drive, this year), while listening to "Noel" has brought me to discuss, with other fans, that we should spread the word about a young, underrated, but brilliant singer, who has showed many of us, that you can stick to appropriate behavior and still sell Cd's.

I hope you will give him a try. His music, his talent, and his inspiration will be a large part of my Christmas season this year. How about yours?

"Noel" is available through

"Awake", "Closer" and "Josh Groban" are also widely available through Amazon, and at most music stores.


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