Keeping to your knitting

You see them everywhere: Parents typing away at their smartphones while the kids are in music class or running around playing tag. What do you think when you see them? Do feel a tad judgmental? Or are you jealous that you left your phone at home?


Hey, I'm certainly NOT judging -- I'm one of those parents juggling email with myriad children's activities. But I would be lying if I didn't feel a little bit of guilt when I see another mom typing away, even if I'm doing the very same thing.


And then, one day, it hit me: What's so different about us getting something done while we're waiting? How is it any different from someone sitting around knitting or sewing -- you know, being productive, in the era before technology? Let's face it -- our parents did tons of things while we were running around being kids -- they read magazines poolside, socialized with other adults (smoking and adult beverages were usually involved), grandma knitted as she babysat...I doubt they felt the guilt that we modern parents heap on each other.


I personally don't think there's a difference between other generation's pastimes and our own. Do you?


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