Keepsake #1: Be Gentle

This post is part of a series known as 31 Keepsakes, my gift to each of you this holiday season. The why behind the series may be read about here.

Hello and thank you for being here. If this is your first visit, splendid. Today begins the sharing of 31 Keepsakes treasures I've found along my journey that have helped me mommy my heart, mentor my moments and marry my life.

For those of you anticipating this offering, goody! Grateful you're here.

First I'll give the keepsake and it's meaning.

Second, I'll explain a bit about what it means to me why I've chosen it.

Third, I'll offer some images to help you grow your awareness of the meaning.

Fourth, I'll offer a suggested activity for you to do so that you can begin to understand the meaning.

And to tuck up the keepsake and ensure it's value, I'll offer some practical tips to help you take it with you and make it your own treasure. :)

I am beyond open to suggesting 'cuz this is the first time I'm giving so many keepsakes outwardly in this kinda way. :)

Keepsake #1:  Be Gentle

Meaning: among several definitions I scanned these spoke to me: kindly, amiable, not violent or rough.

Why I chose it: This time last year, I lived in an apartment that faced a six lane highway. Traffic sounds filled the atmosphere from horns to sirens to honks to booming stereos. And I often felt I sped up the voices in my thought and talked harshly and louder at myself than I ususally did (which was still harsh and loud). A word about inner sirens? They make ambulances sound like a calm purr.

My actions toward myself often felt abrupt and mean. Was this the fault of the traffic or city setting? Surely not. Yet once I became aware of how much the sirens bothered me, I asked myself what I could do to proactively counter my interpretation of those sounds as a blaring influence. My solution: be gentle.

In striving to pace my walk more calmly, I made a concerted effort to be gentle with myself (and with others). It also helped me stop allowing external sounds dictate my moods and behaviors.

Envision "gentle": If you're like me you need an image. No matter how much someone could say to me "BE GENTLE" unless I see it or comprehend it visually, I may not fully get it. So here's some images for you to ponder:

a. the candle glow above, the warm hugh, the texture of the woven fabric on the wall.

b. the sound of a lightly falling rainshower.

c. the texture of a velvety feeling petal of a rose (doesn't matter what color though yellow is rather yum) :)

d. the touch of a snowflake on your cheek, even if the whole surround is a snow storm.

Nature helps me visualize, a lot. :)

Activity to practice being gentle:

1. Take any of the visuals above and go out and see them, one at a time or whenever you're able.

2. Stare for a really long time at a leaf and observe it being. (or a flower, or a candle flame).

3. Hold a baby. Watch how you will become an expert at gentle immediately. Now transition that behavior to you. How can you hold yourself throughout your day more gently?

Practical Tips to take "Being Gentle" with you:

Ways I practice being gentle with myself are varied and many. But there's one I practice regularly that I offer for you to try:

Check in with how you talk with yourself.

I strive to ensure my self talk is tender, calm, warm.

And I make a practice of checking in with the voices that I use to tell myself what to do throughout the day. If they shift from gentle to firm I have to know why. Firm is fair and fine. But mean? She's not allowed anymore. We fired her a while ago :) and I'll share more of that in another keepsake.

The point: check in with the voice you use to speak with yourself. Be sure it's gentle.

There you have it. Keepsake #1: Be Gentle

Please do share how you are using this keepsake and whether any of these suggestions are helpful for you.

Til the next well and warm *gentle* hugs,

Tre ~



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