The best word I could use to describe myself is "Puzzle" I am so simple and so complex at the same time, but there is only one way to put all the pieces together. About 5 years ago I started off my journey as a Energetic Nursing major with a minor in Communications. After 30 units of biology courses, I realized I HATE BIOLOGY!! and I wasn't so Energetic about it.

So I chose to Communications which I LOVED! So 2 years later I am a few months away from being a college graduate with a major in Comms and a minor in Bio (I had to do something with those 2 years worth of bio courses). I wish someone would have told me Communications was A VERY broad profession, which I still don't know where I fit in.

My blog is a platform or outlet you can say for me to put together all the amazing things I love about Communication: Photography, Writing, and Videography along with my love of fashion. I am interested in all aspects of art as well fashion, cooking, painting, etc.

I hope you relate with me in someway and follow my journey of finding myself!



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