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Click to read BooMama. "There are lots of times each year when we make breakfast a really special occasion: first day of school, birthdays and anytime we have guests staying with us – just to name a few."

Click to read Shell in your Pocket. "As a mother, I have always been a sucker for rituals or routines or traditions. Some of them I copy from my childhood or a book I have read or an idea shared by another mom."

Click to read FiddleDeeDee. "I do dearly love the mornings of big holidays.  Particularly Thanksgiving morning.  We usually spend our Thanksgivings surrounded by our rather large and quirky family.  And the meal preparations begin early in the day."

Click to read the Joyful Chaos. "We have rhythms in our house much more than we have rituals.  Maybe because there are so many people and so many chances for well-laid plans to go awry, maybe because I have great intentions, but not so great follow-through, maybe because my husband is more of a fun-loving fly by the seat of your pants kinda guy and less of a set in stone kinda person.  I don’t know, whatever it is, we have a hard time sticking to any one thing."

Click to read A Familiar Path. "On birthdays we let the guest of honor choose the breakfast. This is the time when I get special requests for chocolate chip pancakes or blueberry muffins. And on Christmas morning it’s almost always cinnamon rolls prepared by dad."

Click to read The Frugal Girl. "When our kids have a birthday, they get to choose what we eat for dinner, but they also get to choose what we have for breakfast."

Click to read SusieJ. "On Thanksgiving Morning, with the house in a tizzy with a turkey that went into the oven at 6, with the smells of salt, rosemary and turkey wafting through the house, the kitchen is already in full swing."

Click to read Stop, Drop, and Blog. "We have some “special-special” traditions for various mornings during the year. You know, more than just “gee, eggs would be nice this morning.” These are more breakfasts that accompany holidays or other special days during the year."

Click to read My Beautiful Day. "The greatest part of this breakfast is hearing the kids talk about how much they wanted that gift that their sibling bought for them, and seeing said sibling truly happy knowing that their present was something that was completely desired."

Click to read Secret Agent Josephine. "You know, we don’t. But I’m going to start one! I think it would be really nice to have a special breakfast for every holiday. Since fall is upon us and gourds are starting to show up in the grocery store I thought it would be really yummy to make pumpkin muffins and pumpkin spiced lattes."

Click to read Swistle. "When I was a child, my family had a birthday breakfast ritual: the Birthday Girl or Birthday Boy was served breakfast in bed, which meant that she or he had to pretend to be asleep while the rest of the family clanged and clattered around and shushed each other."

Click to read Cookin' Canuck. "It is safe to say we are traditionalists - to the extreme. Each year, Christmas morning proceeds in the same manner, without a single deviation to the routine." 

Click to read The Burgh Baby. "This year our little Christmas will likely start with a big breakfast lit by the soft twinkly lights of the Christmas tree. We'll all still be in our pajamas, a Christmas movie will be on the TV, and Alexis will be in a big hurry to finish her pancakes and eggs so she can start opening some gifts."

Click to read Finding Bonggamom. One of my favorite annual events is the Halloween Breakfast that the kids' school puts on every year. If Halloween falls on a weekend, the breakfast is held on the Friday before Halloween; otherwise, it's held on Halloween morning."

Click to read C. Beth Blog. "Every tradition has a "first time," so what could I do this year that might become an annual occurrence? We'll be visiting with lots of relatives at Christmas, and I really think it would be fun to make something special for all of them."

Click to read Cheaper than Therapy. "If there’s one thing my stepmom knows how to do around the holidays, it’s how to keep people fed and full. I’m not even joking. Holidays in the Mintz household start early in the am with a Starbucks run and end in the pm with white chocolate mousse cake or pumpkin pie and they are filled with delicious goodness throughout the entire day."

Click to read Welcome to Quadville! "When a holiday rolls around (any holiday both big and small) I get all excited about making "special breakfasts." All that usually means is theme flavored pancakes cut/grilled into holiday shapes."

Click to read Mannland5. "We're not big on traditions here in this family. But on Christmas morning we always make our egg, bacon, and cheese sandwiches on an english muffin."

Click to read Suburban Turmoil. "On Christmas morning, at least one of our children always gets up bright and early- too early. 5:30 generally finds us up and at 'em, opening presents."

Click to read Because I Said So. "I remember, as a kid, my mom would wake me and my sister up early on New Year's Day. She'd have the TV trays set up in the family where we'd get to eat the breakfast she'd prepared while we watched the parades on TV."

Click to read Everyday I Write the Book. "We have one morning ritual--Birthday Breakfasts. I started it a few years ago so we could celebrate everyone's birthdays in the same way regardless of whether their birthday fell on a school day or in the summer."

Click to read Busy Mom. "The holidays are drawing near(I know!), and we begin to make plans with friends and family. Often (maybe too often, according to the scale), these plans are centered around a meal, such as Christmas breakfast."

Click to read Deb, Mom of 3 Girls. "The first is on those special occasions which involve my husband or I – like our birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. The kids (with less and less parental assistance now that they’re getting older, sigh) will always make us breakfast in bed – usually (you guessed it), a bowl of cereal."

Click to read Jenny on the Spot. "Sweet traditions. Our family does have certain traditions. I’d like to say we have a certain specific Christmas or Thanksgiving traditions, but other than enjoying a meal (any meal, really) together… we do not have a SPECIFIC annual holiday tradition."

Click to read Big Mama. "I don’t think it sounds very original to say that Christmas morning is our favorite morning of the year. But it’s the truth and so I have to say it."


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