I’m Lauren, the gal behind Kentuckiana. My close friends would tell you that I’m free-spirited and mostly unconventional. For example, last summer I quit my job to move back to the southern-most part of the Midwest to work out pursuing some dreams. That was almost a year ago and I’m still working it out. I hope that never changes. To echo Anne Voskcamp’s matter-of-factness from her book One Thousand Gifts, “I just want to live one life well.” For me, that has come to mean being thankful for the little things in life. I believe that to love anything well, you first must make room to find the beauty in life’s EVERYDAY GOODNESS. Like the morning sun sneaking in through the blinds or the way going for a run in the hills of Southern Indiana excites all of my senses, making me feel completely alive.

It has taken time to learn to appreciate life’s freebies, to become less dependent on consumption and the digital world, and to CREATE. This blog represents this season in my life. For you, both passer-by and friend, it is my hope if you've long entertained creating something, you glean a little inspiration here and start Making Ideas Happen.

Apart from my own journey developing this blog and the Kentuckiana Shop, my goal is to provide a place of inspiration and resources to incite a creative lifestyle. Be looking for links to help start pushing your IDEAS FORWARD.

Lastly, I should tell you that while I love telling stories, this is awfully one-sided. I would rather be sharing a dialog than filling this space with words about myself. You see, I am a secret connoisseur of facial expressions and because I cannot collect yours over the web, I invite you to share your stories and/or ideas by posting comments or by emailing me at

Thanks for stopping by!