This Kermit Gosnell F***** makes Kermit the frog have a bad name.

Kermit the Frog Well, I certainly love Kermit the Frog. But I do not like this Kermit. It's incredible how sick people can be.

But let's just make something clear, folks: I'm personally pro-life but, as far as my opinions with what other women should do, I am pro-choice, because I understand that people will have illegal abortions in back alley ways if abortion is made illegal and many lives of the mothers will be put at risk.

But I ask you, why blame this on the pro-lifers? Yes, it is true that if abortion stays legal everywhere this wouldn't be happening, but this happened in a blue city, in a blue state.

This case has to do with drugs that were illegally given to the women, this has to do with the murder he committed and the women that he gave venereal diseases to after he used dirty tools to perform these abortions. But this case does not have to do with abortions, it has to o with true violence.

And it certainly does not have to do with Kermit the Frog.


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