Keurig Vue - Say Goodbye to Coffeehouses!

This past weekend I hosted a House Party for the new Keurig Vue.  These new Keurig machines retail for $249 and are available at or Bed Bath and Beyond.

While $250 might seem like a load of money for a coffeemaker, this is my first Keurig machine.  I am an avid coffee drinker, and usually spend about $5 per workday on my caffeine addiction.  Over the course of a year, that equals well over $1000, so for someone like me, the Keurig is a sound investment.

The new Vue machine does more than the standard Keurig.  Its touchscreen is easy to use, and offers the following options:  Brew Strength, Cup Sizes from 6 oz. to 16 oz., different settings for coffee, tea and cocoa, and the ability to brew over ice.  The cappucinno Vue cups are a 2 step process and create a froth that is creamy, with a slight hint of sweetness. This was my husband's favorite Vue cup of all the flavor varieties we sampled.

Keurig Vue cups are shaped differently than the K cups, so the 2 are unfortunately not interchangeable.  Vue cups are still limited in their flavors, and prices range from about $10 to $12 per box of 12-16.  I highly recommend the Italian Roast, Donut Shop coffee, and the Vanilla Latte.  I was left less impressed with the Iced Coffee, but that could have been user error, as my coffee tasted weak and watered down.  Next time I'll add less ice, and also brew at a stronger level.

Any other Keurig Vue fans out there?  I would love to know your favorite coffee varieties.




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