The Key to Attainable Goals

One of the wisest women I know – 2 decades older than I am – told me that she had enjoyed the last post of the year on gratitude.  And, she added, “While that’s a good thought, the thought I keep above my computer is about forgiveness.”

“Forgiveness of myself comes first,” she said.

As we start this year with new beginnings, let’s stop and make sure we’ve wiped our mental slate clear.  Let’s not use any energy beating ourselves up about what we did not complete last year – the weight we did not lose, the work we did not complete, the closets we did not clean, the friends we did not apologize to, the food and drink we consumed with guilt.

Let’s have that sign above our computer read like my friend’s.  It says:

Forgive all things, beginning with me.

 Enough said about last year.  Now, on to our goals for this year.

The key to creating goals? 

Make them attainable and sustainable, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

Here are some ideas:

My fitness goal – to move every day, keeping up my exercise routine and have one new adventure each season.

My nutrition goal – to increase my fiber intake and watch the added sugar in my diet.

My spiritual goal – to embrace the positive in relationships and let the rest go.

My intellectual goal – to write at least one book based on this web site and begin public speaking again.

My technology goal –to learn how to speak to my new car so it will do what I want it to do.

My fun goal – to create happy times with family and friends.

But first, is forgiveness.

Can you do it?

What are your goals?  Reflect and write them down now – just the act of committing to ink leads to a deeper commitment.  Be kind to yourself, and remember – make your goals attainable and sustainable.

Feel free to let me know what you decide.

Happy New Year, dear friend.


Remember, if I can do it, you can too.

Susan Levy
Publisher, Well-Fed Heart

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Rainbow Lentil Medley


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