The Key Fruit To Cut Down on Belly Fat

We recently did a blog on the fruits you should try to avoid, because they have extremely high sugars. For all the fruit lover’s out there do not fret, because we have a list of fruits to incorporate into your diet. These fruits don’t spike your blood sugar and are perfect for your weight loss journey.


1) Grapefruit- will help you feeling full and satisfied, because it has a high fiber content. It is also rich with vitamins and low in calories. Grapefruit can help flush any extra water weight. 

2) Pineapple- is a great anti-inflammatory that can decrease bloating and inflammation of the skin. The best way to benefit from this fruit is to eat it alone right in the morning or as a dessert at night. This fruit is also high in vitamins and minerals and can get rid of excess water weight. 

3) Watermelon- this is another high in water fruit that can help you de-bloat and flush out the sodium in your system to keep you looking lean. This is a great treat in the hot season and is another fruit you can incorporate into your smoothies.

4) Berries- strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries are really great fruits to add into your diet every now and then because they have a low glycemic index and will curb your sugar craving! 


5) Avocado- yes, this is a fruit! Avocados are a great healthy fat. They will keep you feeling satisfied and keep your metabolism moving. Incorporate a half of an avocado every day or every other day to get a dose of your healthy fat intake. 


So you an enjoy these refreshing treats without fear! Eat around a 1/2 cup of these fruits in the early morning or after your workout to reap the full benefits. ~T2B


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