The Key ingredient to Weight Loss

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Want to lose weight, feel fit and look great?  You don’t need a magical pill for this, you just need to eat lean protein and cut out the junk.  Protein intake is very important for optimal muscle growth and maintenance. This is important information, not only for bodybuilders but for anyone who wants a strong and lean physique because lean muscle tissue not only looks great, but it also revs the metabolic systems of your body which, in turn, keeps you in a continual fat burning mode.
Optimally, one should consume approximately .8 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day, and this total should be broken up into 6 portions, eaten in conjunction with healthy carbs and healthy fats to constitute small meals. The reason for this is that consuming too much protein at one time is difficult for your body to optimally digest and utilize.
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So, here’s an example: For a 150 pound individual: .8 x 150= 120 grams of protein per day. Now divide by 6: 120 divided by 6= 20 grams of protein. So for optimal muscle maintenance, this person should consume 6 small balanced meals containing 20 grams of protein and healthy carbs and fats. Here are a few examples of optimal protein rich meals:
Turkey and hummus sandwich on whole grain bread and baby carrots
Quinoa and veggies tossed in olive oil
Bean and brown rice topped with salsa and guacamole
Remember, building a great body is like building a great house: It’s all about labor (exercise) and materials (food). The better the materials, the stronger the house!
Phil Silberman – NASM, CGFI

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