Keynote Announcement: Carla Hall to Join Us at #BlogHer17

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Some of you may remember that Carla Hall, co-host of ABC’s “The Chew”, restaurateur, cookbook author, and beloved “Top Chef” competitor, joined us last Fall in Austin for #BlogHerFood16. She moderated a wonderful keynote discussion about how long it takes to achieve “overnight” success (a theme we will be re-visiting at #BlogHer17 with our keynote speaker Luvvie Ajayi, by the way). Carla was an awesome moderator…to a fault. really, because I know I was hungry to hear more from her than time allowed.

Luckily we have this little shindig #BlogHer17 coming up, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to sit down and dig deeper with Carla. Carla is also a perfect choice to embody why we are happy to roll our food community back into the annual conference. So you can peruse the track of food sessions we just announced today, and know that Carla Hall is the piece de resistance of a scrumptious two days of food-focused programming.

Carla will be featured in an intimate talk about the highs, lows and unpredictable moments in her journey from accountant (did you know that?) to caterer to food world domination. How did she plan such a trajectory? How does she make her most fateful decisions? You’ll be surprised at her approach.

And we also want to talk to her about one of the conference’s other recurring themes: How to integrate your values into your day to day life. Carla is like so many of us…balancing running a business and living her values by approaching it differently than most people do or would.  

I “met” Carla for the first time interviewing her via phone for our podcast, and then in person at #BlogHerFood. We decided we had so much in common we were sisters separated at birth…and I think you’ll all feel the same way after spending time with Carla at #BlogHer17. She is just that open, authentic and down to earth.

But meanwhile, somehow, also completely rocking her career and her life. We can all learn from that!

What would you ask Carla if you had the chance?


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