Keynote Update: Talking about the Future of the Social Web at BlogHer '14

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Two months ago, I announced that Arianna Huffington was returning to keynote BlogHer for the first time since both BlogHer and the Huffington Post were baby sites of one-year-old in 2006. As I said then:

Bringing BlogHer back to our home in Silicon Valley, we think it's natural to invite social web pioneers to share their vision of the future for us all. With Arianna, we know we'll hear a thoughtful vision that considers how to stay happy when hyper-connected.

Today, I'm thrilled to announce how Saturday morning's general session program will be rounded out by three more viewpoints on the future of the social web that is such an important part of all of our lives. We'll have a series of Q&As with not only Arianna, but two other powerhouse women, both Silicon Valley leaders driving innovation within platforms many of us use every day.

Richelle Parham has been the CMO of eBay North America for nearly four years. She has overseen initiatives to help eBay, a pioneer of the e-commerce space, deliver a more socially connected user experience. When we think of the big opportunities available to and largely untapped by online influencers, commerce is definitely on the list, and Richelle is at the helm of the biggest user-driven e-commerce play. You can get a taste of her perspective by watching this presentation from last year.

Melissa Barnes is the head of global brands for Twitter. Melissa works directly with C-level executives at Twitter's biggest customer to help them get the most value out of their Twitter activations. This means driving measurable results, but it also means creating custom initiatives that are authentic and appropriate for Twitter as a platform. BlogHer's attendees have highly (and disproportionately) adopted Twitter, but as the social media universe keeps expanding, scaling our own presences gets more challenging. Melissa will apply lessons learned for the big brands to the individual influencer (or even the start-up company, like BlogHer).

Finally, we'll corral this entire morning of visioneering with the help of Friend of BlogHer (and new Chief Evangelist for Canva), author Guy Kawasaki. This year he'll be on the other side of the microphone, interviewing Arianna. Guy has his own new book on social media coming out around conference-time (co-authored with the inimitable Peg Fitzpatrick), so we expect dueling quotable quotes during this interview!

BlogHer attendees are the engine powering the success of countless tech and web companies. We are looking forward to hearing where these leaders think we'll all be driving in the coming years.


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