Khalidi, PUMA, and the LA Times

Everyone must know by now that the Los Angeles Times (LA Times) has in its possession a tape of announcements, speeches, toasts, and discussion at a dinner held to honor Rashid Khalidi, a pro- PLO activist, former PLO spokesman who openly supports anti-Israeli violence as "political enlightenment". Barack Obama was present at that dinner; he was an honored guest and speaker.

Obama praised Khalidi at that dinner, reminesced of the many private dinners he and Michelle had enjoyed at the Khalidi home, and extolled the profound discussions he and this PLO activist had shared. Those conversations, Obama said, had challenged his own thinking about the Middle East.

Do you suppose Obama still would support and defend Israel from the PLO and Hamas? Or are his words on the campaign trail "mere rhetoric" to win votes?

Well, now the LA Times has the tape and has refused to release it.

And PUMA is trying to do something about this suppression of the news.

You might find PUMA's story interesting. Check it out:

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