Kicking it with grace! A lovable mess!

It finally hit me! I had finished lifting weights and was pounding the elliptical, dancing the run, singing in my head to the new playlist and BAM! It has finally rooted bone deep.  I no longer need to diet, count calories, journal food intake.  I am totally okay with working out, lifting weights, and getting stronger. I am not thin.  My BMI is at least 30. But I feel strong and happy. 

I realized that for a few months now, I have been more relaxed, easier on myself, less focused on perfection, and more forgiving of any perceived foibles. This is not the first time I have noticed the benefits of getting older.  Through out my 40's I noticed how much more secure I felt inside.  The things that worried and encaged me in my teens, twenties, and thirties were gone.  They didn't carry any weight with me.  

And though the journey into menopause was hard, damn hard, it brought along a greater sense of confidence.  I am no longer wary of saying what is on my mind ( albeit, I go for kindness, and helpful sharing - using a filter if needed), the point is I can easily say what is on my mind.  I don't seem to take things as personally.  My imagination has gotten very raunchy too, which is quite fun! Laughing at myself is easier.  As I ease up on myself, it is easier to be less judgemental of others.


It is easier and easier to see that every thing is okay, even on the most challenging days, and when dealing with difficult issues or emotions, because there is that more space in my psyche to hold it all with as much grace as possible. 

Getting older with grace and kicking ass in the gym and life! Yea Baby!


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