Kid-Co Fun

Our weekend started on Friday this week, while the hubby had to work (boo) I decided to ditch the housework and have some fun quality time with my little love bug.  She had been asking for several weeks to go to this local play place called Kid-Co. We went there a few months ago and she fell in love with the place.  Unfortunately, with all of the baby prepping and all the other summer activities we had going on we never went for another visit. Out of nowhere Isabella decided that she was going to save up her money to go, my hubby and I wanted to promote her understanding of money and the importance of saving so we agreed that if she was able to save half of the admission price ($5) we would give her the other half ($5). She was so excited. We gave her coins here and there for completing simple chores, or whenever we had some spare change and saw her displaying appropriate behavior.  We practiced putting her money in one location, and then periodically counting her money and see how much she saved.  I really liked all of the learning opportunities we were able to build into this simple task: savings, money management, coin denomination, counting, adding and subtracting. To make it even better Isabella LOVED it! On Friday she asked for us to count her money again, when we did we found that she had $5.56! She was so excited to have enough money, and when I asked her what she was going to do with the extra .56 she replied "I'm going to put it in my piggy bank to save for college!" I love that we have instilled the importance of savings and education so early! I then gave her my half of the admission cost, and off we went!

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