Kidless Auntie babysits

well here goes -- I'm gonna blog.  I'm positive no one will read it except my sister, and maybe Sandi because she's a reader of blogs - mom too if she knows about it - but mostly just for me and someday for little miss Betty Mae, my niece, who I am completely in love with.  And whom I will be babysitting now one day per week.  omg. 

um, exciting? yes. scary? yes. am I sure? no. 

I'm 42 now, no kids, haven't babysat since I was 14 and even then it was only a couple times.  For some reason the neighbors chose other girls in the neighborhood to be babysitters -- it seems even then I wasn't cut out for it.  

tomorrow starts what is supposed to be a weekly occurrence.  Mollie will drop her off at 8:30 ish and I'll be in charge of her all day until 4:45.  I do not have any idea what we'll do all day.   Until yesterday I hadn't considered what "things" I'll need, I figured I'd just figure it out - she's 3 months old, couldn't I entertain her with the cats and dogs and funny faces? Thank God for FB.  I put it out there that I needed a swing (at the behest of Mol) and sure enough, offers started flowing in for baby stuff.  not that i have the room for loads of it but whatever.  yes, i'll take it.  "pack n play" sure.  vibrating chair? absolutely. offers of play dates, oh yes, time killers.   

I've had a headache for 2 days now, not because of this impending responsibility, honest, i'm just hoping it goes away by tomorrow.  

enough for day 1. could write for a week straight with all the ideas and images of what is to come dancing in my head but I shall wait. good day :) 



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