Kidoodle.TV: Built for Kids, Loved by Parents

Kidoodle.TV is a safe, ad-free streaming video service that you can customize for your kids.
Choose content based on age or show and set time limits for up to 5 different profiles, all at just $4.99 per month. Best of all, you can take Kidoodle.TV with you wherever you go since it works on most iPads, laptops, tablets, and smartphones!

Learn more here and start your 14 day FREE trial! Seriously, it's free, no credit card required to sign-up.  Also, check out what our bloggers had to say about Kidoodle.TV and be sure to enter the $100 Visa gift card sweepstakes!

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A Safer Way For Kids To Watch TV: Kidoodle.TV + A Giveaway

I've always been pretty laid back about screen time, but lately it seems it has been harder to monitor. We have iPhones, computers, iPads, gaming systems, regular boring TV...I can't keep up with who is watching what and on what device....more

Streaming TV for Kids with Kidoodle.TV

At least once a week, we find ourselves in a situation where one or both kids must sit somewhere boring and wait quietly. Sometimes it's for an appointment, sometimes it's while we take one to gymnastics or the other to her therapy session, and the other kid has to tag along because the other parent is occupied....more

Worry Free TV

My young kids are constantly wanting to watch television shows on the internet. I usually let them watch one show a day after all their schoolwork and chores are done, but since they're only 6 and 4, I don't feel comfortable leaving them to their own devices for that half hour....more

A Safe Way To Keep Kids Entertained With Kidoodle.TV

My kids love to watch TV. There, I've said it. And guess what? I love to watch TV too, preferably something without cartoon animals and catchy theme songs that I find myself singing while strolling through the grocery store....more

Cutting the Cable When You Have Kids

A few weeks ago, I told y'all about our decision to cut the cable...meaning, instead of paying a monthly subscription for a cable/satellite service, we're utilizing free and reduced-price options for our TV viewing. ...more

Safe Videos on the Go + A Giveaway!

We have a lot to protect our kids from in the digital age. Commercials, age inappropriate content, time limits etc. I am always looking for new ways to improve my boys' (and my) experience with digital devices while still keeping them safe from content I don't want them seeing....more

Kidoodle.TV to the Rescue (And a Giveaway!)

These days, Alexis will happily stare at the black box 10 hours per day if left unchecked. Sure, she plays while she watches, but she occasionally will stop midway through drawing a masterpiece and stare slack-jawed at the screen....more

How to Set Screen Time Limits for Kids That Work

Controlling television and screen time has become a struggle in many households. I spent most of my childhood without cable. The internet did not come into play until I was in high school and my cell phone was a giant brick....more

Streaming Programming Filled with Options for Kids with Kidoodle.TV

Really, how can you beat having a chance to show your kids things like Inspector Gadget? Of course, you might not have loved Inspector Gadget as much as I did, but I bet you might find some of your favorites on there too....more

Kidoodle.TV Review

My kids live in a totally different world of TV than what I grew up with. It still cracks me up whenever my kid comes across a new show and wants to watch another one right away. I inform them that we haven't started to record that series and therefore we don't have any other episodes for them to watch....more