Kids. They can be a joy, but they can also be a pain! I have 2 boys who are a lot of fun but sometimes my oldest can be overwhelmingly dramatic!

He wants to be a chef when he grows up which is totally awesome because if he's famous, then he can take care of his loving, wonderful parents one day :) But, wanting to be a chef means having to learn how to cook. And at the age of 9 he thinks he is an expert. Of course he does, he's 9. So, I pick them up from school yesterday and the first question out of my 9 year olds mouth is "What's for supper?" His life revolves around food. At breakfast, it's "What's for lunch?" At lunch it's "What's for supper?" And of course, at supper it's "What's for breakfast?" So, back to yesterday. He asked, and I answered. He didn't like the answer so he offers to cook something else. And I use the term "offers" loosely. It was more like, "I don't like that, so here's what I'm going to cook!"

Of course, I was dead set on cooking what I wanted and he was dead set on cooking what HE wanted. We butt heads a lot and this was one of those times. My husband was in the car with us because we had an errand to run before going home, so after a few minutes the conversation turned into a fight to the death! Well, not literally but one of us was going to get our way! So, on and on the battle over dinner went until my son said "Well, I'm going to be honest. Sometimes I don't like mom's cooking." WELL! That did it! My husband turned around and told him to be quiet. Of course, that didn't happen. So my son went on. "I can cook better than she can and I know all there is about cooking!" Again, my husband turned around and told him to be quiet...along with a few other choice words that did shut him up until we got home. 

I like it when my husband defends me. No matter if it's to the kids, or to someone who is just being a jerk. Knowing I have someone on my side no matter what is a very comforting feeling. Someone who is by my side no matter if I'm right or wrong, and will stick up for me is the best feeling one can have. And he knows that I would do, and have done,  the same for him. Knowing I can count on him whenever I need him makes me love him even more.

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