Kids and food and utter confusion

In no particular order, a grab bag (goodie bag?) of irritations:

• If your kid has a dairy allergy, why would you 1. bring the kid to a kiddie birthday party at which pizza will inevitably be served, 2. pull the cheese off a slice and give that to him, figuring it'll be safe enough, 3. not watch your kid in case he gets the bright idea to grab someone else's slice?

• How can a preschool/daycare center send out a gajillion memos about its schmancy new obesity-fighting/kids-moving/healthier-than-thou initiative, complete with "healthy" tips for parents, at the same time it's serving kids corn dogs for lunch and chocolate cake for afternoon snack?

• If those scary-looking Lunchables kits aren't even in the refrigerated aisle at the supermarket, can there possibly be any actual food in them, or just extra chemicals?

• Why is the kids menu at most restaurants, aside from being full of crap food and entirely lacking in vegetables, designed with grade-schoolish portion sizes, which is way too much food for a preschooler or a toddler?

• If you water down your kid's juice all the time, aren't you basically just teaching your kid that juice tastes watery, instead of teaching him that he shouldn't drink juice all the time?

• I hate to be the killjoy here, but if you're bringing your kid to the pediatrician to make sure she's healthy, why does the staff give her a lollipop on the way out?



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