Kids and God

I am what you would call a lapsed Catholic. My family went to church every Sunday. We sometimes prayed before meals. I was baptized, received communion, and became confirmed. We all went to CCD every week for years. I was part of the youth group, part of the choir. I knew the priests, deacons and ushers by name.

At age 18, I went to a Catholic College on basically a full-ride scholarship. Through no fault of the school, or the church, or anything that people would normally blame for such a thing, I woke up one morning and God was gone. I looked at the chapel on campus and I just didn’t feel him there anymore.

My security blanket had disappeared, and it wasn’t coming back. I left the school, and paid to go to a state university instead.

As my children grow, I find myself pondering what I am going to do with them in terms of religion. Both my husband and I come from Catholic families. The babies are baptized, more to keep the peace than anything, although, I figure if there’s any truth to the baptized being saved, better to have it done than not. I’d like to save my kids in any way that I can. I’m not trying to be lighthearted about this, it’s just that I truly don’t know, and since that may possibly be a way to save them from Hell if there is such a place, there’s no reason not to do it. Other than, of course, we’re not following through on our promises to the church, as of right now.

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