Kids Arguing Over Their Favorite...Squash!

I had to laugh at the dinner table tonight when my 5 and 7 year old children engaged in verbal battle over which type of squash was better: Acorn or Delicata.

As my daughter groaned about her Acorn squash, I thought about my friend Charlotte and the experiment that she started doing with her son about a year ago. They decided to eat their way through the alphabet - one vegetable at a time. She called this journey The Great Big Vegetable Challenge, and regularly documents their trials, tribulations, success stores and recipes on her blog. I told my kids about their experiment and they thought it would be really fun to try it, too. They especially liked that they would get to score each vegetable every time they tasted it.

Kids excited to participate in a vegetable-eating-contest? Are these kids nuts, you may be wondering. No, they are just normal kids who see their parents eating well and help in the kitchen whenever they can.

Our new challenge takes the exact opposite approach of the new books by Seinfeld and Lapine, and their respective Deceptive and Sneaky tactics to get kids to eat their vegetables. While it may be easier to hide vegetables from children on the short term, it is certainly more fun and exciting to enter a Challenge like Charlotte’s. Since we eat fresh and seasonal produce anyway, we thought it would be fun to give it a try and let the kids participate as much as possible. We will be celebrating produce…and giving it a score!

Read more about how we are getting our kids to eat their veggies on our blog:


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