Kids can be so stubborn!

I made chicken and fried rice for dinner tonight. It. Was.
Delish. Gracie wasn't hungry when dinner was done, so I let her wait a
little while before eating. (We'll do the sit-down-with-the-family-d
inners when we have a kitchen table... Until then we'll keep it casual.)
Anyway, so Gracie came in about 20 minutes ago and told me that she was
hungry and ready to eat. Well, while I was cooking she asked what I was
making. I told her, and she responded by saying that she doesn't like
it. Typical response from my 4 year old... "I know I've never tried it,
but I'm just absolutely certain that I don't like it." I can't deny, I
was the same way.
Well, I've gotten incredibly tired lately of cooking enough dinner to
feed the 3 of us and then turning around and having to make her
something completely different because she refuses to try it. So I told
her that I wanted her to try one bite of the dinner I cooked. If she
didn't like it after her 1 bite then I would make her some
So, here it is, time for her to eat and she is REFUSING to even touch
my rice. I'm sitting at her Dora table with her trying to calm her
down. "Really, Gracie. It's okay. All you have to do is try this one
little bite. If you REALLY wanted your macaroni you would try this real
quick so you can get it." 20 minutes of that, with a background
soundtrack of her doing that weird blubbering whiny cry that most 4
year olds develop.
Progress was slow. I thought I had her convinced to try the rice. She
picked up the spoon and brought it to her mouth. But, she got it right
up to her face and literally turned her nose up at it and threw the
spoon back in the bowl. "I don't yike it," she tells me.
We go through a couple bouts of this, each time the spoon is getting
closer to actually touching her lips. Then, a miracle. Her lips part
and the spoon goes in! But wait - no. Here it comes, back out, food
still on it.
"I. Don't. Yike. It."
I took the spoon from her after a couple tries like this. It seems like
self-progression on her part has halted. I gently coaxed her to try a
bite. I got the spoon in her mouth, but she refused to close her lips
around it. I had to scrape the rice off the spoon into her mouth. At
this point, she spat it out. Didn't even have time to taste it.
"Okay then. I'll just put this in the fridge. You can go to your room
and go to bed now. If you change your mind and decide that you're ready
to try your one bite, you know where to find me."
After a few minutes of crying in her room, she returns. She's still
crying, but she's doing it calmly at least. We sit back down at the
Dora table. I ask if she wants to do it herself or if she wants me to.
She wants me to. Fine. This time though? She actually tried the bite.
Halfway through chewing the bite, her tears stopped. She looked at me with a half smile.
"It's pretty good, isn't it?"
"Yeah! Can I have some more?"