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Kids at a birthday party

This is a little tricky to discuss on Social Media, but I need the feedback of other parents.

My daughter's birthday party is coming up this weekend.  First, it was difficult to get her to keep the guest list down to 10 to control cost, the chatter at school has caused a little controversy however, none that she has not been able to handle.

But my blog for today, is about guest my husband invited.  Years ago His brother converted to the Muslim religion, he married and they had 10, yes I said 10 kids.  At any rate, my husband has extended an invitation to these kids, so our daughter can get  to know her kin.  

While I absolutely don't have a problem with her getting to know her cousins, should it be at the expense of her birthday party.  As a part of the Muslim religion their attire is quite different than mainstream individuals, meaning they wear headwraps and long garments adorned their normal outter wear.  They also eat a very different diet than other children.

So I have concerns : (Please don't judge me) How will they integrate with the other children, what will the other children think of them and of my daughter who attends school with them every day, and will this be disruptive to the party.

Yes, because I am a planner, some say (husband) I like to control things, but I call it being proactive of how things will flow and anticipating the outcome to maximize the best possible result of any event.

So along with my concerns I have a question, should I mention to the parents of other guest that we'll have children of the Muslim religion attend and ask maybe they mention it to their children pre-party.  Or should I not worry and allow things to happen organically.

What would you want as a parent?



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