Kids Don't Come with Manuals ... unfortunately

There are tons of user manuals out there, i.e., books. The problem is that children aren't cars, dishwashers, etc. They all vary so much that it's impossible to have 1 manual for each one. I only have 2 children yet they couldn't be more different. Did I raise them the same way? Absolutely not. I maintained the same discipline (rules,manners,chores) for each one but I had to adapt my methods for each one to get the best results.

Another problem with having 1 manual for all is that parents feel defeated if it's not working for them and their children. They feel like there's something wrong with themselves and/or their kids.

Parenting is a journey. You can get hints and tips along the way but the bottom line is that each child is different and you're learning how to parenting them as you go along.

Happy Parenting, Lisa Bunnage


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