Kids in the Garden: How to Grow a Bean Teepee

A bean teepee creates a magical
hiding spot for your children, a place to discover nature up close,
allowing them to enjoy the summer months out of the sun and - maybe
even for a time - out of your way while tend to your garden or attempt
to read a book and relax.

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Simply
    push seven to nine 6-foot bamboo poles 3 inches deep into the ground,
    forming a semi-circle while allowing room for an entrance.

  • Join the poles together at the top with some twine or old rope, about 6 inches down from the top.

  • Plant
    two beans – pole beans, runner beans, lima beans – at the base of each
    bamboo pole to ensure at least one plant will make it to the top.
  • Children
    can be put to task with a handful of beans and simple instructions,
    creating their very own hideaway. Once the beans have reached their
    full height, place a blanket inside to sit upon. Perfect for either the
    front or backyard, a Bean Teepee is a great escape, complete with its
    very own crunchy snacks!


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