For Kids: How to Draw an Easy Cartoon Monkey with Bean's Monkey Business

Since Paris was the one who created today's episode clip, I thought I'd have her blog about it:

Blog Post by Paris Always

See? I can be silly, too:)

Hi guys!  Its Paris here.  Today I am going to show Bean and the kids how to draw my super easy monkey that I created for the printable coloring page a couple of weeks ago.  Did your kids enjoy the coloring page or the drawing lesson more?  Would you like me to make more coloring pages?  I love hearing from my mom when your kids really like my artwork.  I mean, come on, who doesn't like compliments?  And seeing pictures of the kids watching the show?  OMG, seriously, I could just cry they are SO CUTE!!! Anyway, today is just a fun and easy drawing lesson that I really had fun with.   Bean is just TOO cute!  I can't tell you how much I forget that Bean is a puppet!!  Enjoy! 

Here is the Direct Link

Tomorrow we're posting the stop motion animation that mom, Abyni and I made for "Old MacDonald Had a Farm!"


I drew all of the background myself and designed some of the animals, like the pig, bluebird and the duck. (Paris)

Here I am, giving Bean a hug before naptime.



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