Kids at school, now what?

So my kiddos are both at big kid school now.  They are happy to be there.  And I am so excited for them to be there.  It is so exciting to see the world expanding in their eyes.  The problem is I feel so lost during the half day that they are both gone.  I did not see that coming.  For the past 7 yrs. I've been home with them.  But we've had plenty of time each day not interacting with each other.  Now, I watch my youngest get on the bus and think, "now what?"  I've been spending money like crazy.  And when I keep it together enough to avoid the stores, I end up sitting at a friends house visiting over a cup of coffee.  It's like I've completely forgotten how to be by myself and that is strange.  When the kids were younger, they both went to preschool but the few hours they were there, I was at the gym, grabbed lunch, showered and got ready and then it was time to pick them up again.  We are entering the fourth week of school.  Is this normal?  Is it going to get better?  It seems so silly.  I'm curious to hear the experience of other moms.


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