Kids Today Have It So Easy

When the Twin Towers came down on 9/11, I asked myself who would want to bring a child into this world. The next day, I found out I was pregnant. In all honesty, there are still many days I wonder whether or not bringing another human into the world was the right thing to do. Life is long, it's hard and there is a lot of pain involved. The world is constantly changing and it's so much worse than it used to be.

Or so everyone says.

Is it?

What Hasn't Changed

My son recently asked me a question that caused me to ask myself this question over and over.

The LGBT community hasn't been allowed to walk in the Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade for 20 years. This year, there was a lot more press than usual - they were almost allowed to walk - and my son was old enough to pay more attention to the news.

no gays allowed

After seeing many stories and hearing me express displeasure at the decision to exclude then, my son said, "Mum, isn't treating gay people that way the same as segregation?" Out of the mouths of babes.

That's what got me thinking about today's social issues. Back in the day, the discrimination and violence were against skin color rather than sexual preference. Same issue, different target group. Nothing's changed here.

Find out what else has or hasn't changed and who's changing it....


The Missing Niche


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