Kids in Weddings

Some couples know without a doubt that they will have children in their wedding. Others are on the fence about the decision. On the one hand, they are obviously adorable, no matter what they do, it is funny or cute,  you can dress them up how you want, and you love them, they are probably your family or children of loved ones. On the other hand...the chances of them actually walking down the aisle are 50/50, you can't really give the ring bearer the rings, half the time the flower girls are not allowed to drop flowers at your venue, and the chances of them crying or stopping mid aisle and causing mom to stand in the aisle encouraging them are pretty good.

All of this causing a client to ask me recently "wait, so what is the point, what will they even do?" Well, if they serve their purpose, they will look cute, if they don't they will still probably look pretty cute, but may also slow down the show or cause a mild distraction. All of that being said, if you are one of those couple's who has your heart set on having children in your wedding, then be prepared for the possibilities and know that really, nobody minds what the kids do, everyone expects a possible meltdown. However, if you care about that and are adamant that their be no meltdowns on your aisle, then having children in your wedding party may not be for you.

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