Would You Get Your Child into Modeling?

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I remember as a pre-teen, my mom would watch TV shows about modeling and the catwalk. She loved the fashions and always talked about how she thought I should be a model. She used to say, "you could get paid so much money and see the world!"

It seemed like a great life. I was 5'8" (which is almost Amazonian in Hawaii where most of my friends were less than 5'5") and a beanpole in junior high. Her coaxing made me want to pursue it, so I took modeling classes at John Robert Powers in Hawaii.

The classes really didn't teach me much more than I needed to exercise and eat right. But JRP did ask me to do a modeling session (unpaid of course) for ads to promote their classes. I was thrilled and felt so special.

When they gave me the proofs, they told me I had a lot of potential. All I needed to do was sign up for their advanced classes...

And you see where this is going. I was swindled. My ego was totally shot. They didn't want me to model. They wanted my money. I totally bought into the idea that I had potential as a model. I mean my mom told me I could do it.

She urged me to take the advanced classes, but even at 14-years-old, I knew it was a scam. I refused and that was the end of my "modeling career".

SpinFast forward about 15 years. My first son was born and was cute as a button. I had people telling me left and right to consider getting him an agent because he model material.

I'll never know because I don't want my son to have the same experience. I want him to be a kid. I don't want him to be consumed about his looks. Nor do I need a kid with an ego about his looks.

I have friends who get their kids into modeling. I can see the attraction. Their kids in ads and commercials, and making great money -- not to mention opportunities in acting later on.

It's just not for me. I think my kids are gorgeous. But I just want them to be regular kids.


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