Kill Your Credit Cards Like Dexter Would (And Other Helpful Tips)

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I'm trying to pay off credit card debt we accumulated when we moved, um, four years ago. That POD that I put on the credit card for five months? We're still paying for it. New carpeting? Check. Moving boxes? Check. We were so desperate to move at the beginning of the housing crisis that we did what we had to do. And now we're throwing obnoxious amounts of money at our credit cards every month -- over the minimum, but man, it feels like it's not even making a dent. I loved Danielle's writing style and smart suggestions for making it happen faster. I'm totally channeling Dexter now.

Ten Ways that I Paid off $30,000 of Credit Card Debt in Two Years

2. Be Like Dexter – Carefully Plan Your Kills

Pick your victim and KILL IT. I’m not into the Dave Ramsey method of attacking the lowest balance. It makes no sense to me because it could end up costing more in interest charges. KILL the highest interest rate first. My first kill was Citibank. I recommend doing something negative to your card when you are done. I recently KILLED DISCOVER. I’m holding a viking funeral, which I will vlog.

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