Killing Me Hardly with Their "Song"

I wait, I watch, yet the channel never seems to change, though I do change my channel.
Obsessed with pop-culture, the media is a beast, yet one we have fed, and they don't plan on biting the hand that feeds them.

Have you noticed how much time the media devotes to the downfall and destruction of celebrity women, opposed to celebrity men. The we swell their panel with experts on this and that, pick a part their behavior, motives, career, and then personal life.
They debate about flip flopping politician (in between celeb' news), yet flip flop themselves on an hourly basis. One day the celeb is a media darling, the next the are a fallen victim, then unfit parent or spouse. They will lend to the public perception of the person and then, when that perception helps that celeb finally crash, oh they are, that poor fallen angel!
That same media will then find time, to talk about the pressure of women and hollywood, the unfair treatment, and the sexism! Yet, any reports that can be used as fuel for these treatments start first with them.

Killing me to Hardly with their "song"

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