Kim Trimble

Kim Trimble has been blogging since 2008. Daughter of a Cajun oilman and an Alabama belle, she is a Gulf Coast girl who grew up in Singapore and along the southern Gulf Coast and now resides near Birmingham, Alabama, where she blogs at "Live From the 205". She also writes for as a television blogger, at Curvy Girl Guide, and can be found almost constantly on Twitter @kimt205.

Kim studied Criminal Justice at The University of Southern Mississippi and was in law enforcement for eighteen years, working as a detective investigating crimes against persons, domestic violence, sexual assault, and computer crimes. She is now back in college pursuing a degree in Marine Biology.

A Hurricane Katrina refugee, weather nerd, and lover of all things New Orleans, Kim is also a technology geek who loves shiny things and is hooked on trashy reality TV. When she's not immersed in the Internets she spends her time shopping too much, laying in the pool, stalking watching Craig Ferguson, enjoying long island iced teas, sports, news and current events, Jeep days, being outdoors on Lake Mitchell, and chasing her two terriers around.

In March of 2009, she lost her best friend and husband Greg to a traumatic brain injury and is now a widow. Nine months and a day later, Kim lost her father to cancer. She also turned 40, got in a car accident and lost her iPhone in between. She managed to make it through with lots of wine, blogging, chocolate, and the people who live in her iMac.