The kindergarten back to school night

Last week was back to school night.  I took my daughter to meet her kindergarten teacher and to put away all of her supplies.  I loaded both of my kids and my mother in law in the car, What I didn't expect was a really long line in front of the school door. 

Remember when people waited outside stores in long lines to get the latest I phone?  Our back to school night began with a black friday sale worthy line in front of the school. I thought that maybe they were selling flat screen TVs for $20.00.  What really happened was that the school had locked the doors and were not letting anyone in until exactly 6:00pm.  We got there at  5:55.  Luckily we didn't have to wait very long to get in, but I could not understand what would make people stand out in the hot sun in front of the school.  There was absolutely no incentive to get there early.  I guess a lot of people were super excited about school.  

Actually, all the line did was make the event feel 100 times more chaotic then it should have been.  Everyone was supposed to go to the gym to find out the student's classroom.  The line went up all of these stairs and out the door.  I had a moment of brillance and thought, maybe we can find the kindergarten classrooms and just ask the teacher which one my daughter was in.  The worst thing they could do was make us go wait in the (Disneyworld attraction in summer) long line. 

We found a teacher wearing a super sparkly t-shirt that said "Kindergarten Rocks" in rhinestones.  This turned out to be my daughter's teacher.  She gave me a list that resembled a scavenger hunt that told me where to put the school supplies.  Luckily the school supply bag I was carrying  only weighed around 40lbs, so I didn't get too discouraged.  My daughter was suppossed to be helping me, but she was practicing bugging her teacher already. 

Monday is the first day of school. I sure won't be getting there early. I want to avoid the mob scene. 


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