My second multicultural literary novel, Rescuing Ranu, has been climbing up the Amazon Kindle Bestseller List in the category of mathematics research. It reached #7, and as of yesterday was hanging on at #10, so I guess it’s climbing back down again. It’s interesting to watch its brave little journey, and easier now that Amazon Author Central is making ourBookScan info available to authors who sign up for the program..

I formatted Rescuing Ranu as an ebook, still unsure about the logic of selling a book it took three years to write for $3.99 in the Amazon Kindle Store. I’m glad I did it now, and since all the kids are doing it, maybe you want to, also. To edit your word doc source file for electronic readers, here are the basic steps I followed:

  • Click on the pilcrow (it looks like a backward “P”) on the Home: paragraph section of the toolbar. This activates the Show/Hide function and lets you see all the formatting marks in your manuscript.
  • Delete headers and footers and page numbers. Those carefully chose page borders must go, too.
  • Eliminate page and section breaks, as well as text boxes. The idea is to create continuous reflowable text from the title page to the three asterisks that signal the end of the book.
  • Turn off Auto Format. Choose Normal (in Styles) and use a plain font like Times New Roman.
  • Do not use tabs or spaces for indents. Click on Paragraph and set your Indentation at less than .5 inch, with 0 pt. for your Before and After in the Spacing section.
  • Save file as HTML or Web Page
  • Sign in to the Digital Text Platform with your Amazon account, and upload away!


Cheryl Snell


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