Kindred Spirit Journal Place At Cafes

The story of KINDRED SPIRIT MAILBOX  was quite moving to me. The secret that people wrote for over a quarter of century. There confession, dreams, hopes, sadness, joy and every know human emotion one may experience in life.
Now the journal are collection at North Carolina Wilmington.  Statement time...It would be nice if the university had them publish and the sell of these book would go to local charity (food bank)
Clueless why Frank Nesmith and formal girl friend put a mailbox middle of some remote area. Confession time...Sometime my ideal and thoughts just come out of the blue.
It hit me in my soul. I know I won't get to every nook and corner of the world. Not even close.
I got a notebook, pen, and plastic sleeve....wrote on the front of sleeve....”Please write and or draw in this Kindred Spirit Journal and return it to sleeve”
When Qunella and I met for our coffee and chat. Not saying at this time, which little cafe inBONNERS FERRY  I left it at.
Next month I need to take a trip in to Sandpoint and I'm leaving a kindred journal in small cafe. After I leave it. I'll let the world know were both of them our at.
 One can keep hope or finger cross. That other will place and note book in plastic sleeve with a note book. Others can write to Kindred Spirit.
Coffee is on


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