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Ok, here is a question for you.  What would you do?

You and your wife are getting ready for work, early one morning.  You are both in the master bathroom.  She is in the shower and you are preparing to shave.  All of a sudden, your cat walks into the room.  He jumps up on the sink, looking for a fresh drink of water. 

You of course oblige.  You turn on the sink, ever so slightly.  You run the water so it is more like a drizzle, providing the cat with just enough to take a quick refreshing drink.  You wait a minute or two.  You expect the cat to either drink his water or move on to other pursuits.

The cat doesn’t drink, nor does he budge.  Instead, he just sits firmly on the vanity top watching the running water in fascination.  At this point your wife has completed her shower. You, on the other hand are still in need of a good shave. 

You stand there for a moment, with your towel wrapped wife at your side.  You ask your cat if he is going to drink any water. Your cat doesn’t respond. Your wife tries.  Again, nothing… You both are obviously on his pay no mind list.  The cat doesn’t even wiggle his ear or turn his head in either of your directions at the sound of your voices.  Instead, he stares happily at the running faucet.

You know if you run the water full force, the cat will bolt.  You know you can just coax the cat away, and he will forget about the water. But, the cat looks so happy and content on top of the vanity.  Would you really want to disturb him?

Fortunately for Alex, Marc’s answer was no.  As Alex hung happily on top of our vanity, Marc grabbed his shaving cream, razor and towel, and headed to the guest bathroom to get ready for work.  What would you have done?


I am thankful my mommy and daddy have extra bathrooms.  They need one more to have as many as me!  Maybe my dad can put that on his list.  That way I NEVER have to worry! - Alex

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