Kirsten Piccini

Writer of The Kir Corner

Kirsten is a blogger, writer and mom of twin boys.

Her blog, The Kir Corner, was born in 2005 out of a need to write about her struggle with infertility and over the years grew into a space where she shared the details of her fertility treatments, in-vitro and pregnancy. Soon  after it became a place to talk about her sons, her new role as a mother and recently she added fiction and memoir writing to the site. She is also a contributing writer of Just Be Enough,a website community that seeks to empower and inspire women to live their best lives.

Earlier this year she read her own story of mothering twins as part of the NYC cast of Listen To Your Mother 2012.

When she is not creating fictional stories, watching her sons Giovanni and Jacob grow up too quickly or trying to get her handsome husband John to pay attention to her instead of the Rangers hockey games, she is reading, watching too much television & dreaming of the perfect stilletto while enjoying cupcakes.