Kirstie Alley, George Lopez, and Some Bullshit


Kirstie Alley kicked ASS on Dancing with the Stars:


So of course in his recap George Lopez said that she was a fantastic dancer and congratulated her on her second place finish. Just kidding! He said, "She did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away. Before the show she went to the market and then she had roast beef and this is her going all the way home," followed by a video of a pig. Keep it Klassy George.

And INF Daily ran with the headline, "Kirstie Alley Celebrates her DWTS Lead By Going Out To Dinner - Naturally." Because of course, Kirstie is the only contestant who eats. They also said, "There's no better way to celebrate a good night than with a nice meal. And Kirstie knows that better than any of us." Do you suppose they mean that Kirstie's had more to celebrate in her life than any of them? I didn't think so either. Ok, so George Lopez and INF Daily can bite me. But here's the quote that most bothered me (from the INF article):

Alley may be the underdog and the oldest competitor in the show but the lady can moves[sic] those curves of hers! And if she loses the hoped for 30 pounds over the course of the competition, Kirstie’ll only get better.

NO. No no no no no. This is bullshit, pay attention INF Daily: By this logic, Kirstie could just as easily improve by gaining weight. You see, I'm a much better dancer than she is and I'm pretty sure I've got a good 100 pounds on her. I'm sure it's not that I've been dancing my whole life; it's got to be my weight. (The word of the day is, apparently, sarcasm.)

Kirstie will get better as she dances more and gains technique, confidence and greater proprioception and kinesthetic awareness. If she loses 30 pounds she will simply have a smaller body while doing it. Of course, if she experiences short term weight loss, any improvement that she makes as a dancer will be credited to her smaller body and not her training, strength, stamina and flexibility work, of which the weight loss is, statistically, most likely a short term side effect.

I feel her pain, I've been told on several occasions: "You're such a good dancer, think of how good you could be if you lost weight." The thing is, I'd dance exactly the same. If I lose weight, then I'll look like they expect a good dancer to look, and that will make them more comfortable. And while I can understand their desire to be more comfortable, it's not really my responsibility. You are the boss of your underpants: Question your stereotypes, get the hell over it, or live in discomfort -- it's your call.

So go ahead with your bad self Kirstie -- you rocked it and I'm rooting for you. Maybe if you gain 100 pounds you'll improve your dancing. Or maybe, and I know this will sound crazy but stick with me here, maybe you will improve with practice. Speaking of fat dancers... hey look it's me!

Ragen Chastain

Dancer, Choreographer, Speaker, Writer

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