Kiss Chronicles eBook Release

I would like to introduce you to ... no wait, that’s not it. I would like to announce that ... no, ugh, that just sounds wrong. I hereby declare, er, proclaim, um ... well, I didn’t think it could get worse, but it did.

Hmm. I hope you’ll excuse me. I’m a fresh new author, and I’m still working on finding just the right way to say that.

You see, I’ve written an ebook, and I’m very, very happy that it’s done and self-published and floating out there in the world now. But I can’t just leave it at that. That’s not nearly good enough. I need to climb up a tower or onto a table or at least a crate and shout as loudly as I can that it’s available because, otherwise, people like you won’t be able to find it. And I really want you to find it. The whole book, the story itself, would be rendered pointless if I didn’t want that as fiercely as I do.

My ebook, Kiss Chronicles, is available at Smashwords. Thanks to the magic of Smashwords, it’s downloadable in all the best possible formats.

The Kiss Chronicles ebook cover - frogs everywhere!

As for what the book is about, here’s the story:

When I turned 30 without getting my first kiss — yes, you read that right. Read over it again if you need to. Anyway, when I turned 30, I decided I had to take action and get a first kiss to be remembered. So I devised a method to get my first kiss in a way that would be guaranteed to make it meaningful: I would auction off my first kiss for charity.

In this quirky memoir, I share details from my life, exploring exactly how it was that I came to a kissless crossroads at age 30, and I tell all about the exciting and challenging experiences I faced as I developed the Kiss Chronicles project.

Note: This ebook is free, but the story invites readers to make an optional donation to a cancer-related charity. Full details inside.

I couldn’t link to the fundraising page for my ebook in the summary, but fortunately I can here: It’s all neatly set up at this page on Razoo.

It’s an ebook about kissing, and it’s dedicated to fighting cancer because, as far as I’m concerned, cancer can kiss off. This book is the culmination of the project for which I started my blog, and if I hadn’t started my blog, I never would have stumbled into this fantastic BlogHer community and found all sorts of delightful friends. Actually, BlogHer makes a few brief cameos in the book because it became part of my journey.

The thing is, though, that no matter what tower or crate I climb onto or how loudly I shout, my voice has its limits. That’s why I hope you’ll give my ebook a chance. Here, now, is where I chuck pride out the window and ask for help: It would mean so very much to me if you would consider reviewing the book, whether on your own blog or by rating it on Smashwords or Goodreads.

I can shout all I want, but without an echo, the message won’t carry. And I believe in the message, because damn, I really hate cancer, so I’ll keep shouting at the top of my lungs until I can find echoes that will carry it along. I realize I’ll probably have to keep shouting for a long time, might even shout myself hoarse, but that’s okay — that’s what tea is for.

So, as I was trying to say at the beginning: I would like to cordially invite you to read my ebook. It would be my honor.

One more time, for luck, here’s the book link: Kiss Chronicles book at Smashwords. (Sadly, Amazon is downright uncooperative about publishing free ebooks from new authors. Smashwords, however, does provide Kindle format.)

UPDATE: Woohoo! The book is also now available in the iTunes Store, the Barnes & Noble store online, and on Kobo. Thank goodness for Smashwords distribution.

Virginia blogs at Kiss Chronicles and can often be found haunting BlogHer Chatter.


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