Kissing and Health - A toast to that!

I just read the sweetest thing on that I also thought was quite interesting, whether you are a teen or a more “mature” type of girl like me.   The article I read is about kissing.    It talks about the health aspects of kissing, including how many calories a minute you can burn when participating in osculation (another term for kissing), which is 26!   I figure, if I can kiss the love of my life for 10 minutes, I can eat an oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookie after, without guilt.  However, after kissing for 10 minutes, I may not want to – another benefit of kissing.  

A more technical term for kissing is philematology, which means the science of kissing.   A kiss is the act of pressing one’s lips against the lips or other body part or an object.  The part of the article that I found so sweet is that it says the urge to lock lips is innate and crosses species.  Within that, it states that: Elephants stick their trunks in each other's mouth and birds tap their bills together. Canadian porcupines kiss each other on the lips and chimpanzees swap saliva and tongue in their version of French kissing.  Now that makes me smile!

The article also goes into the history of kissing, the body’s physiological response to kissing and the associated health aspects.  I won’t repeat all of the facts in the article, but did want to make you aware of it and suggest that you take a read:

According to researchers, we will spend about 20,160 minutes of our lives kissing. Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and I hope that all of the readers of this blog have someone to kiss – if that is what you want.   While I haven’t timed the number of minutes I have kissed thus far, my personal goal is to exceed the 20,160 minutes!

Let me know what you think about the article and if you too will exceed the average life-time minutes of kissing and enjoy its health benefits!

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